We are the Reality Party – There Can Be Only One

How do!

We want rEvolutionary change for everyone in as short a time as is possible to eradicate poverty, war and corruption and replace it with equality, health and peace.  Seems an impossible task; yet the impossible task is allowing things to remain the same. Even though there is a lot to do, we need to face our fears together as we can work out what to do, like the people of Iceland.  We have the skills, expertise, abilities, and knowledge amongst us, the people, to ensure that things urgently change.  We want to represent what you want and have based our ideas on that.


Enjoy the website and have a good scout around see which bits you like and feel free to offer suggestions about what else we could do.

If you want to get involved in the Party, inbox on info@realitypartysalford.co.uk or office@eastkentrealityparty.co.uk.


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